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New Job = No New Posts

Wow, its been a long time since I’ve posted anything.  I got a new job recently and I have much less free time lately.  I’m not sure how often I can update but I’ll try to post something from time to time.


Get Out and Vote!

Today is election day and regardless of your political views, your possible disillusionment with the system, prior apathy, or whatever may have held you back from voting in the past, it is important that you exercise your right to vote!  Just do it!

List of Recent Posts

Haven’t posted in a while….

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  There have been some family issues that have taken priority in recent weeks. 

New stuff will be coming soon.

BioArt Festival: TRANSBIOTICS. Temporal Stability Points

Hey if you happen to be in Riga (it’s the capital city of Latvia, yeah I had to look it up) there is what looks to be an interesting BioArt exhibit.  The show runs from June 14-20. 

"Deep Data" Andy Gracie


"Mucilaginous Omniverse" Evelina Domnich, Dmitry Gelfand


"Latent Figure Protocol" Paul Vanouse


From the press release

This year the Festival for New Media Culture „Art+Communication” will focus on the emerging biotechnologies as means for artistic expression as well as challenge to the constantly changing materiality in arts. 

The festival’s website has an overview of the events.  Although the available information is rather limited, it does look to be a very promising exhibit.  I’m glad to see that an event of this magnitude is being sponsored for the BioArt community.