Five Reasons Why We Should Create

I’ve been thinking about the creative process lately and how it can be plagued with inertia.  Creating can be frustrating, difficult, painful, and leave the creator in a very vulnerable position.  Greater investment in one’s work leads to greater potential for a painful rejection if the work is not accepted or grossly misunderstood.  All of these things boiling in the cauldron can make inaction seem like a more desirable state-of-being.

So, I wanted to provide some points about the creative process that will hopefully help us (me) continue rolling that rock up the hill.  The points apply mostly to visual artists but anyone who creates can benefit from the following:

  1. The Visual Arts speak in a way that words cannot.  Continue your contribution to the discussion because if you do not, who else will?  What you contribute is important and it is valuable.
  2. Everything that we create continues to develop our cultural mileu.  Whatever you make continues to shape and define/redefine our cultural heritage.  Your voice is an important contribution to this ongoing process.
  3. Your artistic heritage is ancient and unique.  Not everyone can or is willing to expend the effort to create.  You belong to a select minority of artistic individuals whose legacy reaches back to pre-historic times.  Think about how we attempt to understand ancient cultures–through their artwork.
  4. Your work is your legacy–it will outlast you.  A culture is defined and outlined by what is created by artistic-minded people.  Contribute to the legacy that will help future historians define who we were.
  5. You have the power to leave a lasting artistic/creative legacy.  Every great artist began as an unknown.  What distinguished them was their persistence and their sense of self-efficacy.  The crowd tries to pull people back down to their own level–for the sake of your own soul, do not let them do this.
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